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Since 2005, the Titus 2 Ministry have been the go-to resource and service for your leadership and everyday needs.

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The Titus 2 Ministry is in partnership with Pastor Tae Shin Ministries.

A summary overview of the ministry partnership

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The Titus 2 Ministry Team

Tae Shin
Southern California

Pastor, counselor, and writer. Director of Titus 2, PastorTae.com

RD Skyles
Southern California

Executive Director, Pastor, counselor

Steve Nute
Frankfort, Maine

Pastor, Teacher at the Biker Bible Institute, Radio & TV Teacher, Social Media

Daniel Moon
Northern California

Tech consultant, audio specialist

Catherine Gudvangen
Southern California

Producer, Product Promotion, Video

Jim Lee
Southern California

Pastor, Life Coach, Small Groups, Consultant

Scott Johnston
Southern California

Tech consultant, YouTube Channel, audios, graphics

Eddie Cho
Northern California
Video Engineer
Dave Hwang
Northern California

Tech consultant, programmer, website

Yoon Ho So
Northern California

Former project manager at Google, Tech Consultant

George Zhou
Toronto, Canada

Co-Director of Titus 2 Marriage Builders, Director of Titus 2 Overcoming Porn

Shawn Smith
Southern California

Video, Teacher

Don Owsley
Denver, Colorado

Biblical Counselor, specializing in parenting

Stuart Martin
Southern California

Graphic design, YouTube, Website, Podcasting

Yoshonda Stafford

Administrative Director at Titus 2 Facebook

Heather Owen
North Carolina

Director of Titus 2 Marriage Builders

You will receive a prompt reply


Titus 2 Ministry is dedicated to a high view of the Word of God especially in addressing the difficulties that Christians face in contemporary culture. In fact, one of the unique aspects of its ministry is that it is counter-intuitive when it comes to post modernity, because it is committed to the principle that God has communicated authoritative truth clearly and accurately for living. For churches and Christians who are looking for help in building a truly effective discipleship ministry, I highly recommend this ministry.  Dr. John Street, Chair, MABC Graduate Program, The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, CA


T2M seeks to be faithful to God and man by prioritizing an exegetically accurate and Holy Spirit-driven application of the Scriptures in its relations with individuals, families and churches. It prayerfully seeks to be scripturally sound, while culturally sensitive, in ministering the Word of God. I highly recommend this vital and important ministry. Dr. George Scipione, ‎Director of the Biblical Counseling Institute – ‎Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, PA