Titus 2 Ministry is a 501c3 non-profit organization.
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The Titus 2 Ministry Team

Tae Shin
Southern California

Pastor, counselor, and writer. Director of Titus 2, PastorTae.com

Steve Nute
Frankfort, Maine

Pastor, Teacher at the Biker Bible Institute, Radio & TV Teacher, Social Media

Daniel Moon
Northern California

Tech consultant, audio specialist

Catherine Gudvangen
Southern California

Producer, Product Promotion, Video

Jim Lee
Southern California

Pastor, Life Coach, Small Groups, Consultant

Scott Johnston
Southern California

Tech consultant, YouTube Channel, audios, graphics

Eddie Cho
Northern California
Video Engineer
Dave Hwang
Northern California

Tech consultant, programmer, website

Yoon Ho So
Northern California

Former project manager at Google, Tech Consultant

George Zhou
Toronto, Canada

Social Media, Director of Titus 2 Community

Shawn Smith
Southern California

Video, Teacher

Don Owsley
Denver, Colorado

Biblical Counselor, specializing in parenting

Stuart Martin
Southern California

Graphic design, YouTube, Website, Podcasting

The Titus 2 Ministry is in cooperation with Pastor Tae Ministry:  

Tae Shin is a pastor, counselor, and resource producer.  As an ordained minister, Pastor Tae brings over 35 years of diverse ministry experience, including seminary teaching.  This positions him as uniquely equipped to produce resources and provide these services.

Here’s an overview of the relationship:

Pastor Tae provides general life resources and services along with video counseling. Click > PastorTae.com

Titus 2 Ministry provides specific resources and services for marriage and family, including the online community.


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Helping couples rise above their struggles
and rediscover their commitment
by offering community, resources, and counseling.

In Cooperation with PastorTae.com


Titus 2 Ministry is a 501c3 non-profit organization.
All donations are tax-deductible.