A growing number of online communities are offered to you…

Titus 2 Marriage Support – a Facebook membership community dedicated to Christian marriage.  This is a free community that focuses on fellowship and support.

Click to join >  Titus 2 Marriage Builders

Titus 2 Group Counseling – a Facebook membership group dedicated to all areas of Christian counseling.  This is a subscription based group that focuses on teaching, counseling, and counseling resources.

2 Steps to join

  1.  Subscribe > Monthly subscription of 7.99 
  2. Go to >  Facebook – Titus 2 Group Counseling and answer the questions and ask to join.  CLICK >  Titus 2 Group Counseling


Living in His Image – in partnership with Titus 2 Ministry
Online communities for pastors and wives

The PUBLIC community is the home base where general announcements, encouragements, resources, and events are posted.  ALL ARE WELCOME! Click the icon to join for free.

The PRIVATE community is a secure place of deeper fellowship, accountability, special resources, and personal services.  These are monthly subscription based fellowships.  TWO options are available > Pastors and Pastors’ Wives.

Click the icon for a simple 2 step process.