The Titus 2 Institute presents

Jumpstart Your Ministry in Six Months!

Hi, I’m Pastor Tae of the Titus 2 Institute

And I want to invite you to revisit your daydream of becoming a coach, counselor, and entrepreneur.

You remember that dream of helping others and making a difference, right?

You remember the thrill of laying out a life plan for someone seeking direction, yes?

You remember the satisfaction of mentoring a depressed person or helping a broken marriage, don’t you?

Maybe you became a pastor or missionary instead of following your dream.

Maybe you entered the work field instead of answering the call.

Well, time has passed and much has happened.

And that dream may have become a distant memory.

And I understand why.

You went to school and got a fancy degree, but nobody cared to ask.

You tried to launch your ministry, but the traditional methods did not work.

You contacted churches and handed out cards and flyers but no one responded.

You rented an office space, but no one knocked on your door.

You made a commitment to endure the hard times, but you had bills to pay and mouths to feed.

So, you found a job that pays the bills but did not stir the heart.

You’re not alone.

Over ninety percent of coaches, counselors, and entrepreneurs have experienced this.

Here’s the truth.

The traditional ways of launching a ministry do NOT work.

The school does not teach you how to make it in the real world.

Add to that another truth:  The world does not know you exist.

And even if they did know you, there still remains a burning question: “Why should they come to YOU out of all the other coaches and counselors out there?”

So, even if you became a coach, counselor or entrepreneur, you would be lost in a crowd of other coaches, counselors, and entrepreneurs.

So, what are you going to do?

Now, if you have read to this point, it’s because you still have a flickering hope that you might become a coach, counselor, or entrepreneur someday.

And I’m here to tell you to keep that hope alive, because there is a better way that really works.

This new way has been proven to work.

I am living proof of it, and so are others who have already joined this training program called,

Jumpstart Your Ministry in Six Months!

The program opens on September 19, 2019 at 9:00am PST/12:00pm EST, United States and to our international friends as well.

But people have already joined!

And some have already launched their counseling practice.

Your day dream can finally become a reality.

You can join and train while you still continue your current work and obligations.

The training can be done on your own time no matter where you are around the world.

There are almost 100 videos (and counting) to instruct you inside a closed group on Facebook, called “Titus 2 Institute.”

You will learn what the school never taught you.

Here is a quick overview:

How to rise above the crowd and become an authority.

How to use social media to promote your ministry.

How to focus on niche ministry

How to use video to get clients all around the world.

How to build a website without paying someone thousands of dollars.

How to build an email campaign.

How to price your services

And so much more…

All your questions will receive prompt answers.

And personal coaching is also available.

Jumpstart Your Ministry in Six Months!

This will be

For Self-Starters
Monthly Subscription of 102.00

For Married Couples

Monthly Subscription of 150.00

Basic training + private coaching sessions
* This is an accelerated and customized strategy for sharper strategy and greater impact
* Contact Pastor Tae to discuss the options and pricing plans

After the subscription is secured, go to the Facebook Group “Titus 2 Institute” and ask to join.
or click the logo to go there.


You will receive a prompt reply

Actual student in the training program:  Danny Frost, USA
I used to do things the old way.  I’ve been in this training program for 2 months.  I have become the go-to person.  Before I was chasing the people.  But, now they are coming to me.  This training will open doors you will not believe.


Actual student in the training program:  Cheryl Sahagun, USA
My husband and I have been through some life-storms. But we believe that God will use us to help others.  We joined together 2 months ago.  We believe we can be a counseling team and build a ministry.  We learned a more modern way to build this ministry including building a website. I highly recommend this training to you.



Actual student in the training program: Esther Wong, Malaysia 
It has been an awesome training so far as I learned many things such as how to inspire people.  I also learned more about how to serve people and how to communicate with them.  I also learned how to balance my personal life with serving God.



Actual student in the training program: Ray Sahagun, USA
I trained back in my college days to be a counselor but the training I received was from a secular point of view.  With the Jumpstart program, that will not be the case. The training you will receive will be compassionate, biblical, and theologically sound.



This is by far (!) the BEST and FASTEST way to launch your counseling and coaching ministry.  Pastor Tae, the founder of the Titus 2 Institute (since 2005), will personally train you in two major areas:  the marketing and the ministry.  See below for details.

a. The Marketing of Counseling

Ministry visibility is the key 

People will not seek your counseling if they don’t know you exist!

How do you establish trust before they meet you?

Why should they come to you when there are so many other options?

This training involves marketing strategy, social media, video counseling, becoming an online authority, email strategy, website development, and online resource development to use as homework for clients.

The training is done with audio courses and private sessions

Contact us and request the pricing options > CONTACT

b.  The Ministry of Counseling

There are 4 areas of ministry training.

Counseling Strategy:  diagnosing the problem, using resources as homework, client followup, dealing with setbacks, etc.

Personal Life Training:  Anger, depression, midlife crisis, life direction

Marriage Training:  Communication breakdown, conflict resolution, in-law drama, and sexual conflict.

Parenting Training:  Discipline, communicating with kids and teens, teaching kids to solve problems.

The training is done with audio courses and private sessions

You can purchase this training separately.

Contact us and request the pricing webpage – CONTACT

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Pastor Tae brings over 38 years of pastoral ministry and counseling acumen.

john-streetI have had the opportunity to work with Pastor Tae Shin on numerous occasions. He is a man highly dedicated to the sufficiency of Scripture and the personal one-on-one ministry of the Word to those who are suffering as well as to those who are practicing evil. Anyone who knows him, understands his sincerity and commitment to Christ. I am very grateful for him and his allegiance in furthering the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Dr. John Street, Chair, MABC Graduate Program, The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, CA

Pastor Tae Shin is a brother who is committed to faithful biblical counseling both as an instructor and in the practice of soul care. It has been my privilege to work with him in conferences. I am thankful for his gifts and for his commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture in helping people with their spiritual needs.  Dr. Jim Newheiser, Director of the Christian Counseling program and associate professor of practical theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC

As a woman doing Biblical Counseling for over 18 years, some of which was in California participating in conferences with Tae Shin, I was moved by his commitment to the inerrancy and sufficiency of the Word of God. This dear brother knows how to speak to the whole person. He brings the truth to the inner man while acknowledging the role of the outer man in these struggles we all share. He lives like the gospel is richer than all else.  Eileen Scipione, Director of Center for Unplanned Pregnancy, Biblical Counselor.


peter-hillPerhaps foremost is Pastor Tae’s ability to mobilize potential leaders within the church first by helping them identify their unique competencies, second by aiding them in finding a need that matches well with their gifts and abilities, and third by equipping them with the knowledge and training necessary to lead that ministry. He does so with patience and compassion, ministering unto those that he is developing for leadership.  As an elder, I personally have benefited from Pastor Tae’s ministry. He has provided us a biblical understanding of what it means to be an elder through an excellent in-depth training program that he himself has put together. I remember well our interview with Pastor Tae. At one point in that interview, he looked us in the eye and stated “you can count on me. I will not drop the ball.”  No truer words could have been spoken.  In an age when clichés are common and promises cheap, Pastor Tae has been a man of action.  Elder / Dr. Peter Hill, Professor at BIOLA University, La Mirada, CA

Tae Shin and I have known each other since 1986. It was a pleasure partnering with him when he launched Titus 2 Institute, consulting with Tae over counseling matters, and having him as a guest preacher at churches where I served. Tae has a wealth of knowledge and experience in life and godliness. As a stellar counselor, Tae is definitely one to turn to for truthful, wise, and gracious support. I could not recommend him enough. – Dr. Donald Owsley, Professor, Writer, Biblical Counselor, Denver, CO

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