Counselor Training

Become a Counselor to the Pastor and His Family

Do you have a heart for biblical counseling?

Are you a veteran pastor or pastor’s wife who wants to mentor younger pastors and wives?

Are you a veteran pastor in transition, considering a ministry in counseling?

Counselor Training is available now for you!

FIRST session is FREE – to clarify the vision and lay out a plan of action.

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Two Major Areas of Training

1. The Marketing of Counseling

Ministry visibility is the key

People will not seek your counseling if they don’t know you exist!

How do you establish trust before they meet you?

Why should they come to you when there are so many other options?

This training involves marketing strategy, social media, video counseling, becoming an online authority, email strategy, website development, and online resource development to use as homework for clients.

The training is done with audio courses and private sessions

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2.  The Ministry of Counseling

There are 4 areas of ministry training.

Counseling Strategy:  diagnosing the problem, using resources as homework, client followup, dealing with setbacks, etc.

Personal Life Training:  Anger, depression, midlife crisis, life direction

Marriage Training:  Communication breakdown, conflict resolution, in-law drama, and sexual conflict.

Parenting Training:  Discipline, communicating with kids and teens, teaching kids to solve problems.

The training is done with audio courses and private sessions

You can purchase this training separately.

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