Pocket Change

Did you know that you are especially loved by God?  It’s not just a cliché.  It’s actually a profound truth.  I am standing on this truth in response to three major attacks.  First, there is shaming of our physical appearance. Women especially endure this type of body shaming.  Second, there is the dumping of guilt that makes people feel undeserving and inadequate even when they have done nothing wrong.  And third, there is the fear we harbor as we view God as always angry and ready to punish us.  Lately, I have been very concerned about these three attacks against the Christian.

We need to take a break from all this shame, guilt, and fear and consider the biblical truth that we are deeply loved by God.  In fact, this devotional drink is not about stirring some artificial sense of self-worth within us but rather it’s about pouring into us the truths of God’s word.

Such truth first comes to us through creation.  When God created the heavens and the earth, He created us to be his most special creation.  Far apart from His other creations, we were set apart to reflect His image and to be loved by Him.  Exodus 19:5 calls God’s people (that’s you) His “treasured possession.”  Read this passage by yourself or in your group.

Consider that the whole earth is His possession.  But his people are to be His treasured possession.  This means that He will reserve His special love for his special children..  And this will be the kind of love that involves more than His commitment and more than sacrifice.  It actually involves His sheer enjoyment.  That God actually takes time to enjoy and take great pleasure in you!  When was the last time you considered this profound truth?

Pocket Change 

Consider the concept of pocket change.  It’s the money in your pocket that belongs exclusively to you and to no one else.  Think about it.  You do have more money than what is in your pocket.  But the other monies may be reserved for other purposes such as paying the electric bill and the water bill.  Those other monies may go to pay a debt.  And when your other monies go somewhere else, there is no time to enjoy them.

But the money in your pocket is a different kind of money.  Even though all your money is yours, that pocket change is special and is reserved for your pleasure and enjoyment.  And so, it’s fun money.  It becomes snack money!  It’s bubble gum money!  Beef Jerky money!  It’s taco money!  It’s money in your pocket reserved for enjoyment.  This is the meaning of “treasured possession.”  It’s declaring that all God’s people are like pocket change, placed inside God’s pocket for simple enjoyment.  Though all of creation belongs to Him, we are His treasured possession.

His Pleasure 

To say that God loves you can sound like a cliché. But this java goes beyond the cliché and confirms the profound truth of His special love that is reserved for you.  And so, Ephesians 1:5 speaks of God’s adoption of his children as according to “His pleasure.”  Read this passage as well.

If you’re meeting in a group, you can pause now to discuss the three kinds of attacks against the Christian.  How have you experienced shame, guilt, and fear?  How has this impacted your self-worth?  Discuss the meaning and significance of “treasured possession.”  Then pray together and thank God for the simple and profound truth of His love for you.

That’s it for today.  Consider the love from God to you.  Then take time to send it right back to God.  Reciprocate today.  And take great pleasure in your relationship with God.

Until next time, remember, having a love affair with God is part of the greater purpose for your life.

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