Wild Horses

Today’s cup is about relationships, all kinds of relationships. I’m going to use an example from marriage, but you don’t have to be married to benefit from this.


A Word to the Singles: It’s always good to hear about next chapter of life before you enter it. And if you are single again, God continues to a greater purpose for your life, so please continue to read.


The Bible describes marriage as a companionship between a man and a woman in Proverbs 2:17 and Malachi 2:14. In both passages, the word “companion” paints an interesting picture of how a relationship works.


You see, in the original Hebrew, the word “companion” was used to describe a wild animal. So, picture, for example, a wild horse. Picture it running free with its mane blowing in the wind. Visualize it grazing along the plains and then suddenly kicking up the dirt as it takes off. The point is that the horse can do whatever it wants. It’s wildly free! There are no restraints.


Now, what if you try to get close to a wild stallion? That will be a high-risk venture! But, what if the wild horse was brought under control? What if it became domesticated? Well then, getting close to it won’t be so dangerous. It would actually be easy and even enjoyable. And getting that close, you could even have a relationship with it, because the wild horse is now tamed!




That’s the meaning of a true companion. In the original Hebrew, the word “companion” literally means “one who is tamed.” This concept of a tamed animal offers important insight into all relationships. For one thing, true companionship is something that will require work and great effort to tame the wild tendencies inside us. I’m talking about all those selfish thoughts, sinful motivations resulting in damaging actions. In fact, all experts will say that selfishness is the number one problem in a relationship.


In your small groups: discuss how selfishness breaks a relationship. Share the spiritual lessons you learned from unhealthy relationship dynamics that showed selfishness and other sinful motivations.


Take time today to pray and ask God to search your heart (Psalm 139:23). Then ask Him for strength to be more selfless than selfish. Pray for a spiritual taming of your heart.


Until next time, remember that becoming spiritually domesticated is part of the greater purpose for your life.

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