Your Opportunity for Ministry

Today I want you to consider your opportunity for ministry.

Yes, I realize that you may not be a professional minister or have a professional theological degree.  But, this java is not about at all but about the simple call to minister to one another.  And in this most basic sense, we are all to have a ministry in the local church.  Notice, I just mentioned the local church.  Yes, it’s true that we ought to have a ministry to our community and beyond, but that is another java!  Instead, this devotion is more about our ministry inside a local church.

And with that, consider the fact that we are to be spiritually connected together.  Now, when this spiritual connection goes beyond donut-time on Sunday and into deep fellowship (and it should!), there will arise a general awareness of each other’s needs.  And such awareness will then set us up for ministry opportunities.

Galatians 6:10 speaks of this kind of opportunity saying, “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” 

Yes, we are to seek ministry opportunities to all people, but, we have to realize that that is a general call.  The specific call is to seek opportunities within a local gathering.  Because, the truth is that we cannot do good to everyone everywhere at every time.  In fact, talking about doing good to everyone is really just a romantic idea which is just not possible.  Actually, the truth is that if you try to minister to everyone, you end up ministering to no one!  There is that saying, that you are “spread out too thin.”

Instead, we must emphasize the local fellowship.  And so, Galatians 6:10 says…. “especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”  And we know that such opportunities abound in the local gathering.  All you have to do is to spend time together in various settings such as deep fellowship or small group study, and you should find plenty of ways to help each other.

In your small group: answer this > how well do you know each of the members of the local church?  Do this:  look to the person on your left and say one thing you know about the person and one way you be a blessing to that person. 

Sadly, many believers look far off into the distant horizon for opportunities.   It’s as if God is calling everyone to pack their bags, raise the funds, and go off to a foreign land.  Now for some, this will be their call.  But for many, the call will be to focus on their own local fellowship.  For therein lies the true opportunity.

Consider today the infinite number of opportunities all around the world.  And be reminded that every need is not a call.  But, the opportunities that lie immediately before you just might be a specific call for you.  Make a list today of the people you know in your church and how you can be a blessing to them.

Until next time, may God give you opportunities to serve Him by serving others and may this be part of the greater purpose for your life.

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