Titus 2 Legacy

Titus 2 Legacy is built on a story, the story in our hearts. This is the story we want to share with the world. We believe this story is a message that God gave to us to share. And we believe that this message is part of our calling to leave a legacy for the next generation. And so, Titus 2 legacy becomes a service in helping anyone with a God-given message to share it with a busy world.

Do you have a personal message to share with the world?
Are you a business person who wants to do kingdom work?
Do you have good resources that you want to use to build other ministries?
Are you a church leader who has a message for the whole kingdom?
Do you have a special skill or service to share such as painting, music, writing, or artistic performance?
Do you want to leave a legacy for the next generation?

But, who will hear your story? The world is busy and distracted.
Who will buy your product? The world has too many choices.
Who will join you in the greater cause? The world has too many options.

The world needs to be inspired.
The world needs to connect with a story.

Titus 2 Legacy is the place to articulate that story and built a platform upon which the story is told to the world. This platform is a large space that involves online outreach strategies, personal coaching, Organizational Consulting, public workshops, and special events.

So, what is the message that you want to share?
What is the greater purpose for your life?
What is God calling you to do?

Here is how Titus2Legacy can help:

  1. Personal Coaching
    1. Meet with a Titus 2 Coach and share the story and sharpen it
    2. Develop a proposal and strategy for sharing the story
    3. Brand development
    4. Strategies for launching your brand, product, and story
  2. Organizational Consulting
    1. Diagnosis of the development and health of the organization
    2. Strategies for revitalization and growth
  3. Online Outreach Strategies
    1. Domain name and website development: this is the home-base where all the traffic goes
    2. Social Media strategies – reaching out to the world and telling them your story and driving traffic back to your website
    3. Developing online communities
    4. Online conversion and email marketing strategies
    5. Finances and funding strategies
  4. Public Workshops
  5. Special Events

Contact us for a free session to share the story together.