The Logo

A Theological and Artistic Explanation

The Cross of Christ
The cross of Christ is at the center of our ministry.  This is not a self help program. But it’s an empowerment through the saving work of Jesus Christ, and the working out of our salvation.

The Heart
Biblical counseling is all about a heart transformation.  This is not about external behavior changes nor situational adjustments.  But it’s about a heart that is changed by the power of God’s Word and the godly behavior that follows.

A second look at the heart shows a division into two halves.  It symbolizes the inner conflict in our hearts caused by sin and the need for Christ and the restoration He brings.

Titus 2 in the Heart
The letter T and the number 2 is connected to the heart.  Titus chapter 2:1-6 speaks of a mentoring relationship where the older teaches the younger.  This relational dynamic is where the heart is transformed by practical applications of the Word through the transitions of life.

A second look at the cross looks like arms stretched out to embrace and to support those in need. In fact, the gentle lines of the cross symbolize the biblical principle of gentle restoration.

The Color Blue
The blue color symbolizes life and revitalization as God’s Word refreshes and revitalizes, leading to restoration and rediscovery.

Simplicity and Multiplicity
The simple beauty of a logo is that it can convey multiple messages at one time.