Pastors Counseling

Pastors and Wives Counseling

We understand your journey like no one else can…


That’s because we have walked the same path

And so, we can walk that same path together.


Along the path, we can help you…

Understand why those closest to you have betrayed you

Overcome the fear of man

Manage your ministry anger

Understand your ministry-midlife crisis

Revitalize your marriage and protect it while serving together.

Recenter your family and find strength to overcome ministry challenges

Rise above your depression, midlife crisis, and suicidal thoughts

Reassess your ministry direction and help you in transitions

Find clarity and greater purpose in ministry direction


Our help comes in two ways

1. COUNSELING:  Our counselors can provide the support and an immediate solution.

Our counselors bring many years of ministry experience and pastoral counseling to the practice.  This is a major factor, because ministry experience and insight is an indispensable part of the applying the Scriptures to the unique challenges of a pastor’s family.

In addition, what comes with ministry experience is the unique empathy that the counselors bring.  They went through the ministry pain, and so they are uniquely able to empathize with the pain of the pastor’s family.

From pain to purpose:  solving the pain-problem is only part of the journey.  The goal is to rediscover the greater purpose of God’s calling.


2.  Our online communities can provide the fellowship, resources, and services for you.

We provide both a public and private communities

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