Whether you need help for your own marriage or seeking to help a friend in need, Titus 2 Ministry provides resources that assist you in diagnosing the root cause of your problems and learn to restore broken relationships.

What We Offer

We produce audio, video, and written content in various formats to fit your needs and schedule.

  • FREE weekly newsletter with a quick tips and insight you can forward to a friend
  • Audio MP3 for listening on the go
  • Videos for visual learners
  • PDFs and Ebooks for offline reading
  • Short courses for more detailed help

Key Resource Topics

Gender Roles

  • God’s design for the husband 
  • God’s design for the wife

Communication – the key to building a relationship

Conflict resolution – the key to restoring a relationship

In Laws – yes, it’s in the Bible!

Sex as God intended


  • Communicating with the kids
  • Opposing parenting styles

Personal issues affecting the marriage and family relationship

  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Mid-Life Crisis