T2i AFFILIATE is a formal employment opportunity as an AFFILIATE MARKETER for the Titus 2 Institute, which is an online training center for counselors, coaches, and influencers.

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Wherever you are in the world, you are invited to apply!

Looking for affiliates in all seven continents 

This is a REAL JOB!

If you are already a member of T2i, you should seriously consider becoming an affiliate since you can speak from your heart about your personal experience.  It would be a powerful testimony.

The Work of a T2i Affiliate

  1.  Create and execute a marketing plan and a recruiting plan, working with the director of T2i.
  2.  Track and followup on prospective recruits
  3.  Meet the minimum goal of NINE recruits within one year

Terms and Conditions

  1.  An affiliate will receive a one time commission for each recruit who formally enrolls into T2i.
  2. An affiliate will receive a one time commission for each recruit of 75.00.  * The commission is subject to change with advance notice and policy changes.  The enrollment must occur without the involvement of the director of T2i (Pastor Tae). If Pastor Tae is involved in the recruiting, the commission will be reduced by half.
  3. There is no limit to the number of recruits nor to the commission received.
  4. An affiliate must create a free personal PayPal account where the commission will be sent.
  5. An affiliate is free to create his/her own work schedule to at least meet the minimum recruiting goals.
  6. An affiliate must commit to one meeting per month (via cell or video) with the director for updates, strategies, and recruiting goals.
  7. An affiliate is not required to followup on the recruit after enrollment.
  8. An affiliate must submit an email list of prospective recruits (their contact info) once a month.
  9. An affiliate must subscribe to a monthly administration fee of 25.00 to cover all paperwork, recruiting records, and commission processing.  Click to subscribe > 
  10. An affiliate must sign the employment form (scroll below) and submit it.  3 signatures are required.  Scroll below.
  11. Upon submission, Pastor Tae will contact you for a friendly chat.

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