Why Titus 2?

God cursed Marriage?

Yes! In Genesis 2, God created marriage to be a blessing for Adam and Eve and all mankind, but in Genesis 3, sin turned it into a curse and we’ve been suffering its effects ever since.

Is there any hope?

Yes, there is! Genesis 3 also provides promise of redemption from sin. God designed marriage to be good, and He has given us a blueprint for how we can transform marriage back into the blessing He intended it to be.

Why Titus 2?

Since the ultimate cause of marriage and relationship problems is sin, the mission of Titus 2 Ministry is to provide bible-based counsel and answers to the practical, real-life questions facing couples today.


Whether you need help for your own marriage or seeking to help a friend in need, Titus 2 Ministry produces audio, video, and written resources that assist you in diagnosing the root cause of your problems and learn to restore broken relationships.


Although a man is called to leave his parents to create a new family with his wife, God did not intend for the new couple to be alone. In Titus 2, God describes a body of believers that mentor, counsel, and encourage each other.

At Titus 2 Ministry, we seek to build up and enable the community of believers that can mentor, encourage, and be encouraged by their brothers and sisters in Christ, whether it is within their local church or community or through online communities, such as our Titus 2 Community Facebook group.


However, sometimes we feel overwhelmed and just need someone to talk to, Titus 2 Ministry has a team of pastors and biblical counselors available for a phone or video call.

If you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what else to do, please contact us.